Is relationship coaching the same as therapy?

No, generally speaking, it’s much better than therapy. Generally, couples therapy focuses on what’s NOT working in the relationship. Relationship coaching focuses on what DOES work in a relationship. And what we focus on tends to expand in our lives. Which would you like more of in your relationship?

Also, couples therapy usually involves both the woman and man at the same time. Relationship coaching involves only the woman, because the woman has the greatest level of influence, power, and intuition to create the type of relationship she wants. 

Why would someone choose a package of 8 coaching sessions? That seems like a long time

Implementing new techniques can sometimes yield some very quick results, but in order to cover all of the goals of this program, a minimum of one session covering each objective is desired, plus buffer time to reinforce some more challenging areas. 

I’m on the fence about my relationship. Will Relationship coaching help me?

Yes, although I will highly encourage you to ‘get off the fence’ and choose to be fully engaged in your relationship during our time working together. This is the only way to really assess whether your relationship will work or not. Although most relationships can be helped through relationship coaching, if you find that by the end of our coaching time together that you need to be on the other side of the fence and your relationship needs to end, you will be in a much more confident position knowing that you did all you could do, and feel secure in your next steps moving forward. But chances are, you'll be much happier in your relationship after coaching. 

Can ALL relationships thrive with relationship coaching?

No. Although I strongly believe that most relationships can blossom and be revitalized through relationship coaching, there are some situations where ending the relationship may actually be better. Here are those situations:

1. Physically abusive relationships – please seek help and safety now 

2. Active drug, alcohol or gambling addiction 

3. Incapable of being faithful

4. Extreme unreconcilable cultural or value differences – Relationship coaching may help reconcile these differences 

5. Your karmic or soulmate relationship has fulfilled its fullest potential and you are ready to move on to new lessons and experiences – You may believe that this type of relationship is ready to end, before it fulfills its full potential. Relationship coaching with me can help you differentiate. You may actually be lifelong mates! 

I still have questions. How do I contact you?

Relationship coaching is a time, energy and financial investment and I completely understand if you have more questions before getting started. Here's how you can reach me: 

1. Schedule a time for me to call you that's comvenient for you by scheduling a free discovery call. We can use this time to answer any questions you may have. You can schedule a time here

2. Send me an email at alexa@alexamasters.com

3. Give me a call at 925-209-5805. Please understand that I may ask that you to schedule a time for us to talk so we have dedicated time and space to get your questions answered.